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Hello, I'm Pam Tirk!


I'm a maverick real estate broker.  I love doing the impossible.  Plus I am an author, speaker, traveler, investor and fulfillment advocate. 


I specialize in luxury living and lifestyle businesses.


My work enables me to work with folks from all over our beautiful world and every state.  In the age of Instagram and Snapchat, I passionately adhere to the value of relationships and the basics of trust, honesty and a good days work.  A 30 year veteran of Colorado and Caribbean real estate brokerage, I focus on luxury homes and lifestyle businesses.  


If you also are a fan of the opportunities in real estate, you may be one of us. 


We invite you to take advantage of our extensive experience in buying and selling

and join our tribe.  

Be sure to connect with us.  Get valued info and "ahead of the pack" breaking opportunities via conference calls, webinars and video presentations.

Remember, the money's in the dirt!

Thank you for stopping by!

Pam Tirk


Luxury Living Expert

Cornerstone Investments International, LLC

Colorado and the US Virgin Islands



Colorado License:  0005841


Skype:  pam.tirk.1


ZOOM International Client Communication Webinars, private, real time meetings (Real Estate Opportunities)


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