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The top   

High Voltage 


that blow up

the value of your home



1   kitchen & baths


2   home theaters


3   office

4   stop n drop garage entries

5  walk-ins with tons of space

Homeowners have a record amount of equity at their disposal due to fast-rising home values,  and an increasing number of people are tapping that cash.


In a recent TD Bank survey, 80% of borrowers taking out home equity lines of credit said they would consider using that money to renovate.


NAHB predicts that owner-occupied single-family renovations will increase 4.9% in 2018.


This estimate does not include house “flips” for sale or rent, which are also increasing. 


High confidence in both the market and rising home values motivates homeowners to invest in real estate.


Borrowers can NOW expect to generate a return that EXCEEDS the cost of borrowing the money. 

KITCHENS of the future are not just about tech.

Smart kitchens will continue to rise in popularity but a beautiful kitchen doesn't have to be large or expensive.


1.   Homeowners are moving toward simple and clean lines and materials. 


Easy to care for and less decorative elements. 


They want space that moonlights.

2.   Is a "smart" kitchen necessary in your new kitchen? 


Increasingly So!  Connecting multiple appliances like cooktops, range hoods, ovens gives us a practical automatic control that we can adjust. 


Managing appliances remotely comes in very handy in today's busy routine.

3.   Our kitchens play a critical role in daily living. 


It is important to think about renovating other living spaces to optimize all your square footage:




storage space


accessibility for wheelchairs and mobility aids  


Castle Canyon won't overlook the essentials: 


correct height for counters

how about a raised dishwasher and oven

adding smart storage - extra deep pull out drawers

under-counter refrigeration options

4.  Millenials are highly influenced by traveling and communication. 


They are open minded to new technologies and design, refreshing and bold finishes.

5.  Mixing materials is a great way to create a vivid and custom design and will take the edge off using just a single material. 


Mix a solid color material with a warm wood such a oak with light gray.

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Your Space


The Top 5 Picks


1   walk out deck

2   water feature


3   hot tub pavillion

4   "she shed"

5    "man cave"

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